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Get Keep & Grow The Right Clients Faster

Add millions of dollars to your business by following my simple system to attract new clients faster and keep current customers longer.

I help the audience identify the value of each client by creating awareness of $1,000 clients vs $50,000 clients in order to determine next-step actions in their sales process.

Using both online and offline techniques teaches clients how to attract new leads, grow potential client relationships and keep existing customers.

Find new clients everywhere

4 Kinds of Recessions


Financial Recessions

  • Economic downturn
  • Black Monday
  • bubble
  • 911 September


Financial Recessions

  • A Lawsuit
  • Loss of your biggest client
  • Employees leaving with clients
  • Competition moving in and taking market share


Supply Chain & Vendor

  • China
  • Tsunami
  • New Laws Passed
  • Strikes


Financial Recessions

  • Downsizing
  • Closing local office
  • Lawsuit
  • Breakup of a partnership

When Blockbuster closed… Redbox, Nextflex.
When Sears closed… Amazon, Home Depot, Target.

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