One business can change the economy forever

About Me

Over the last 35 years, Roland Benson has helped thousands of small businesses increase their success by attracting new leads & turning them into clients. He believes that everyone you meet is a possible new client or will lead you to someone who will be.

He is passionate about the global impact small businesses can have when they succeed & is dedicated to impacting 100,000 businesses before 2027 by showing them how to find their dream clients that will fuel there growth.

Roland has been featured on the Ghostwriter & The Digital Agency Show, as well as being
a featured speaker for Texas State & Schreiner Universitie. When Roland isn’t working at
Benson Design (which he co-founded in 1985) or speaking, he spends time with his wife, children, & grandchildren.

Loved Roland’s PRESENTATION! Very cutting-edge! He helps clients find their SUPERPOWER and then market it like crazy.

Roland worked with our team to teach them how to use different marketing tools to grow their territories.

Roland Benson is a Rock-star Marketer and an amazing guy.